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Dates:  June 26th through August 11th, 2017



  • Basic Day: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Breakfast Program: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM

  • After Care: 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM


  • Choose from 4, 5, 6, or 7-week options

  • 10% discount off each additional child

  • Early Enrollment Deadline:                                April 30th, 2017

  • Enrollment deadline is June 10th, 2017

Max McClintock, Founder and Director

Max McClintock has worked professionally since 1987 with thousands of children.  For 9 years he was a Senior Counselor at various day camps in Rockland County.  In 1996, he became a day camp Administrator, and for the next three years after that, he was a day camp Director.  Max has also been a key employee for Rockland After School Programs since 1989, serving as both a Site Supervisor, Human Resources Manager and Special Programs Coordinator.  In 1998, Max was a recipient of Child Care Resources of Rockland Children's Champion Award-'Champion in the Trenches' for "his exceptional commitment to giving every child and family the opportunity to thrive."


People who know Max will tell you that he is a 'hands on' Director and that being a positive role model and working with and supporting our youth, families and community are one of the great joys of his life. Besides his loving wife, son and family, other 'joys' of his are cooking, sports, cultural activities, traveling and the outdoors.


Ashley Maclin McClintock, Camp Administrator

Ashley has been our Camp Administrator since 2008 and holds this position year-round.   As the Camp Administrator, she is the key contact person in the office for our camp families, especially when camp is in session. Her role includes coordinating and planning administrative tasks which support all of the camp programs.  Ashley is committed to quality and is enthusiastic about her position at The Summer Spot Day Camp.  Her hard work and dedication have a positive impact on our campers and staff.

During the camp season, Ashley is the person staff and campers go to when they need first aid care. During camp, swim and trip days Ashley takes large numbers of photos of our campers and staff enjoying said activities.  These photos are then edited and carefully assembled together for one of our more popular special events, our annual Family Dinner & Slide Show! 

Ashley is a loving wife and mom to her eleven-year-old son and has a B.S. with concentrations in Sociology and Psychology. 



Our Program Activity Leaders are adults with years of experience in the 'activity' in which they are hired to lead.  They combine their own concepts and experience with our philosophy to ensure a true 'fun learning' experience for all of our campers.  They work diligently planning their age appropriate activities prior to the start of camp and are provided with all the tools and supplies needed to ensure a successful summer for all.


Our counselors are the true 'backbone' of The Summer Spot Day Camp.  Many of our counselors are former campers!  Prior to the start of each summer season, they take part in a fun and effective week-long staff training program.  The importance of being a role model is strongly emphasized.  How to ensure the physical and emotional safety of every camper is paramount.  The importance of campers making friends and their cognitive, social and physical skill development is well considered.  Our training orientations help each counselor develop a skill set in order to be able to: create a positive verbal environment and tell kids 'what to do' instead of 'what not to do', give logical consequences for inappropriate behavior, conduct conflict resolutions when needed, have realistic, high expectations for our campers and give appropriate, positive reinforcement.  Our counselors take working at camp seriously, have fun and have a positive impact on our campers.

Brandon Perlin, Group Coordinator

Brandon started out with The Summer Spot Day Camp 10 years ago as a Senior Counselor. The summer of 2016 will be his 6th year as a Group Coordinator.  He is currently an elementary school teacher with a master’s degree.  Brandon's combination of classroom and day camp experience is significant.  His flexibility, patience and strong work ethic are qualities that he imparts to camp on a daily basis.  He is an experienced, trusted set of eyes that is supervising our staff and campers every day.  Brandon loves sports and is a drummer in his band.


The Summer Spot Day Camp is licensed by the Rockland County Department of Health

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